Hot Topics: K2 and Spice

K2, Spice, Legal High, and many other names refer to a large number of synthetic cannabinoids, drugs that are similar but more potent than pot or marijuana. The chemicals are up to 100 times as potent as pot and were originally designed for animal experiments. They have not been tested for safety in people and if you use the drugs you are experimenting on yourself. The drugs are synthesized in China and other locations with NO QUALITY CONTROL. There are a lot of different compounds like JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-210 and many others. The drugs are sprayed on herbs with NO control on the amount of drug in the product, or what other harmful chemicals might be present from the synthesis. They are dangerous and there have been many emergency room admissions from this strong form of pot. The drugs have been made illegal in many European countries and some US states. K2 is smoked and produces strong increases in heart rate, euphoria, anxiety, can affect your blood pressure and makes driving very dangerous. Emergency room reports indicate many problems with stomach pains unlike marijuana. Smoking K2 is dangerous because you don't know what you are taking (many times it is a mixture of several potent chemicals), how much you are taking, what other chemicals or side-effects you may have and how it will affect you.

What is the difference between the new K2 drug and marijuana?

The active ingredient in marijuana that makes people high is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). K2 purports to be an herbal mixture that contains different ingredients, sometimes including synthetic (man-made) versions of THC called cannabinoids. These can be very strong, much more potent than the THC in marijuana, and they have not been tested in humans for safety - probably why some people are ending up in the emergency rooms as a result of using it. But, in truth, we don't actually know what is in all that is being sold out there as K2.

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