Message from Prosecutor Kearns - One Voice Launch

One Voice Launch 10/4 - 10/6
Prescription Drug Safety

One Voice is a two way communication process that addresses social issues through our faith communities. One Voice is managed through a collaborative steering committee comprised of the prosecutor, diverse faith leaders and the Safe Communities Coalition. The focus of One Voice is to bring together law enforcement and the Safe Communities Coalition with leaders of the faith-based community to have "one voice" when addressing today's difficult challenges like substance abuse, crime and the safety of our community. Social level change can be achieved with all groups working together, delivering the same message. As One Voice Faith leaders, you receive One Voice information and decide the best delivery/approach for their congregation.

We are proud to announce the first One Voice launch on Prescription Drug Safety. The steering committee unanimously selected this as our first topic due to the growing and dangerous trends of Rx abuse and misuse. Every 19 minutes in the United States, someone dies due to overdoses, mostly due to opiates. We have been experiencing significant increases of overdoses within Hunterdon County largely due to Opiates such as Heroin and prescription pain pills. So far this year, over dose deaths have doubled from 2012. Almost 70% of all arrest is due to prescription drugs and heroin locally. People begin by abusing pain pills, then transition over to heroin as their addiction grows. Heroin is cheaper and very accessible in New Jersey. As law enforcement we can only go so far in stopping this trend. There is a great need to get in front of this serious problem, to raise community awareness and reduce the amount of prescription drugs that are being abused, and we need your help.

On the weekend of October 4th - 6th we are asking the following:

  1. Special prayer for the success of our One Voice initiatives.
  2. The pariticipating One Voice faith leaders will disseminate the information in a manner that is most appropriate for their congregation. Suggested methods may be during your sermons, a guest speaker, during your service's announcements, insert information in their bulletin etc… or a combination of these suggested methods.

3. Provide information either in your bulletins, emails, websites, etc. throughout October encouraging your
congregation to participate in cleaning out their medicine cabinets on October 27th at participating
police stations during the DEA national take back.

Providing the link below so you can visit the Safe Communities Coalition website and select the One Voice tab for additional information and resources at

We thank you for your interest in joining our One Voice community. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to myself or Lesley Gabel (Safe Communities Project Director) at 908-782-3909 or .

Anthony P. Kearns, III
Hunterdon County Prosecutor

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