that alcohol may soon be available in powder form?

Powdered alcohol, which will be sold under the name Palcohol®, is dehydrated ethyl alcohol molecularly encapsulated into sugars. This powder, when mixed with water, becomes alcohol. One pouch of Palcohol® will be equivalent to one shot (1.5 oz.) of alcohol. It will available in vodka and rum and cocktail flavors such as cosmopolitan, lemon drop, margarita, mojito and kamikaze.

Palcohol® was federally approved for sale in March 2015 by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, but each state may regular to allow or ban the sale of the product. In June, a Senate Law and Public Safety Committee voted to approve a bill (S2846) to prohibit sales of the substance in NJ. The legislation has also passed an Assembly committee and awaits votes in the full state Senate and Assembly before reaching Gov. Chris Christie's desk.

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