Welcome to SafeCoalition’s WordPress Site!



  • These are the “news articles” that get published on the site
  • DO:
    • Properly Categorize the post
    • Add a featured image to the post
  • DON’T:
    • tba


  • These are the “static content” on the site
  • They are not designed to change often
  • DO:
    • Properly Categorize pages
    • Add a featured image to the page
  • DON’T
    • treat them like posts/change frequently (if you have to adjust monthly or more, there’s probably a better way!)


  • This holds all of the pictures/photos/etc that are uploaded for use on the website (documents/PDF’s as well!)


  • Elementor is the primary page builder used on this website
  • It allows for extreme customization/modification to layout/aesthetics for a given page


  • Templates dictate how the various content types are displayed on the site
  • Typically accessed via Templates->Theme Builder

AE Templates:

  • Templates in here are typically used to display news articles in a particular fashion using the Elementor widget “AE Post Blocks”
  • They are adjustable, however keep in mind they’re used across the site, so changes will affect ALL pages they are used on.


  • These are the sponsors currently working with/for the Coalition
    • Or the Convention Sponsors?
  • They are treated much like “Posts”, i.e., one “sponsor” per post.
  • To remove a sponsor from the list, simply unpublish their “post”


  • This is contact forms and settings for the “contact us” and “join mailing list” forms.


  • This is where the Safe Homes Directory is stored and updated